Our Wonderful Volunteers

Most Districts are overseen by a District Commissioner. In Dursley we are greedy as we have three! Our District Commissioner Team took on their challenge at the beginning of September 2016 and have split the role between them to ensure everything gets covered.

They are:

Ann Poulson

District Commissioner

About Ann: Ann has been Guiding in Dursley District since 2002 and is Guider in Charge at 3rd Cam Guides and Dursley District Senior Section and is a mentor to new Guiders.

Her DC role: She chairs our District meetings, deals with any issues and is the main point of contact for the District.

Clare Fletcher

District Commissioner

About Clare: Clare joined Coaley Brownies in 2014 and soon started helping out with Coaley Guides as well. She is also the County Marketing & Communications Team Leader organising the County newsletter and website.

Her DC Role: She deals with our admin tasks, updates our membership systems, carries out DBSes, deals with paperwork, etc.

Sue Lee

District Commissioner

About Sue: Sue started her Guiding days as a Brownie Leader in Coventry but joined the District as a Rainbow Leader in 2004. She is currently one of the Leaders at 2nd Dursley Rainbows.

Her DC Role: She looks after all our Leaders and Young Leaders working on the Leadership Scheme as well as visiting each of our units regularly to ensure all is well.

Apart from the Commissioner Team we have a District Secretary, District Treasurer and a dedicated team of Leaders, Young Leaders and unit helpers who strive to give the girls the best possible experience of Guiding. If we can persuade them to give their permission you might find some more photos appearing here soon!

A big thank you to everyone in the District who helps to make it a great place to be.

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